Alchemy Ingredients Update from AD&D 1st Ed

Hey Baelandians,

It has been awhile since I have touched anything here, so I thought it was time for an update.

I was reading through my 1st ed AD&D DMG and I found this great section on ingredients for potions. Gary Gygax still taking me to school years later I tell you what. As such I grabbed them and stuck them in here because I thought they were awesome! If you check out the alchemy ingredients page you can see I have added them in.

I’m still not up and running on streaming again yet, but that could change as soon the beginning of the new year I think, maybe, hopefully.

Other news new job is going well I am enjoying it and I seem to be doing fairly well at it. Wife has been having heart and kidney trouble and has been experiencing chronic fatigue due to anemia. As usual wife has it pretty rough but were taking her to see the doctors and taking it one day at a time.

When it comes to DMing D&D again I don’t know when I will do that again, but I have this vision in my head of not doing it again until I have a new home where I can have the space I want to do all my prep work properly and not crammed into the little space I have now. The energy and time I was putting into DMing I am going to reroute into writing my darn novel finally this year, oh yeah that reminds me just had my birthday turning 28 the other day, darn guys I’m getting older what is happening to me!

I’m going to be spending some more time on the website as well these upcoming weeks, fixing broken links, getting my characters uploaded, etc. If you find broken links as always let me know you can reply here with the issue and I’ll get to fixing it.



The Slaughterhouse DM

P.S. AD&D really is good stuff, may have to considering using it for more.

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