Solo Campaign Posts

Hey Baelandians,

I am going to be starting on some solo adventures of D&D for my own amusement. Adventures that I have wanted to play but due to finding someone that can be my DM, time issues, and interest in the adventure and then finding other players to join me I have decided that I shall be playing through these adventures solo so that I can actually enjoy them before I get old and die.

The process I shall do these in won’t just be enjoyed by myself however, I have thought that maybe someone else might enjoy reading up on the adventures and how I play them. I shall do my best to write it from the perspectives of the characters telling it as a story and then trying to make the combat sound as interesting as possible, I may or may not record a play by play of the dice rolls, depending on if people want to see them or not, let me know what you think.

To keep things easy I will probably play the edition of the adventures I am playing in, and I will probably start with the oldest editions moving forward. If anyone has any module/adventure starting suggestions let me know.


SSGTTANK/The SlaughterhouseDM