Alchemy Ingredients Update from AD&D 1st Ed

Hey Baelandians,

It has been awhile since I have touched anything here, so I thought it was time for an update.

I was reading through my 1st ed AD&D DMG and I found this great section on ingredients for potions. Gary Gygax still taking me to school years later I tell you what. As such I grabbed them and stuck them in here because I thought they were awesome! If you check out the alchemy ingredients page you can see I have added them in.

I’m still not up and running on streaming again yet, but that could change as soon the beginning of the new year I think, maybe, hopefully.

Other news new job is going well I am enjoying it and I seem to be doing fairly well at it. Wife has been having heart and kidney trouble and has been experiencing chronic fatigue due to anemia. As usual wife has it pretty rough but were taking her to see the doctors and taking it one day at a time.

When it comes to DMing D&D again I don’t know when I will do that again, but I have this vision in my head of not doing it again until I have a new home where I can have the space I want to do all my prep work properly and not crammed into the little space I have now. The energy and time I was putting into DMing I am going to reroute into writing my darn novel finally this year, oh yeah that reminds me just had my birthday turning 28 the other day, darn guys I’m getting older what is happening to me!

I’m going to be spending some more time on the website as well these upcoming weeks, fixing broken links, getting my characters uploaded, etc. If you find broken links as always let me know you can reply here with the issue and I’ll get to fixing it.



The Slaughterhouse DM

P.S. AD&D really is good stuff, may have to considering using it for more.

Broken links

Hey guys I have began to notice a lot of broken links around the website. If you notice any please report them here and I will reply to them when I confirm I have fixed it. Thanks. Meanwhile as I have spare time I will keep an eye out for them and try to fix them as I go.


The Slaughterhouse DM


What I’m going to do in my offtime

Hey Baelandians,

This is going to be written just my thoughts kinda shooting from the hip so it may seem a little disorganized.

It seems it will be around 1k of parts that I need to fix my computer to get back into streaming, as such that will be taking a back seat and I’m off with my resume applying to jobs.

At this point there is a few things I am considering but the foremost one is rejoining the workforce and putting the time commitment into streaming down to what you would expect from a hobby player when I am gaming. D&D and like games I am just straight up taking a break from, honestly I don’t like DMing, but I have done it because that is how I feel the game should be played. I could easily find myself spending 40 hours in a week preparing for D&D games, and honestly the pay off just isn’t there for me, financially or emotionally and not even fun anymore. I am working on learning coding and messing around scrutinizing games and I think that is where my future effort will go into sharing Baeland in video game formats and of course novels. I may in time go back to making modules for D&D and such as well, but right now I need to go back to making a steady paycheque to help pay for all these things I like to do.

When I get back to streaming however you can expect to see me online at twitch, uploading it to youtube, and being better at setting up links to past shows.

I am probably going to reorganize the site in the near future making some separate categories compiling things like D&D 5E stuff into subheadings and the like.

I’ve got a lot of projects that I want to get my hands on, but I also have a lot going on with taking care of the family and such. Some of the things I want to get into is, a webcomic, some video games on the website, write my darn books and get those submitted to publishers, learn some coding, and overall world building. Dunno how any of this will all turn out, but there it is.

If you have any advice for me or want to help me with any of these things, drop a comment and let me know.

Oh yeah, do forgive the annoying popups, but ideally it will help pay for the site, and maybe in time, who knows right.


George, The SlaughterhouseDM


Possible Dead PC we shall see

Hey guys,

I didn’t mean a player character, but my streaming computer. My friend Thyssyk took a look and has come to the conclusion that hopefully the power draw my computer requires cannot be met out here on the acerage that I am farm sitting at, or somehow in transit the motherboard totally got fried. I will know for sure when I go home in a few days and try to boot it up. If the motherboard is fried that means I am out of action for awhile, possibly a long time, we shall see though.

Cheers mates,

SSGTTANK, The Slaughterhouse DM

I’m a lazy man

Hey Baelandians,

I have been incredibly lazy with the website lately, and I can say its because of life and being busy, but mostly it comes down to depression making it hard to do things. But I wanted to announce some things we will be doing on the website in the near future here that will be announced as I get them out.

  • Fan Clips of streams page.
  • Finish adding Sword coast adventure guide options.
  • Finish Planar races, such as the Aasimar and such.
  • Game summaries and youtube game uploads.

I could go into more depth about these things, but as the title says, I am a lazy man and I think you get the idea.

For those wondering about rescue Kitty that we saved about six weeks ago on stream his name is Thunder, he has had his 2nd shots now, he is 1.5kg’s and he is perfectly healthy, cute and full of energy!

Special thank you to my paetreon supporters helping me out, you people are the best, and also to all you wonderful viewers that keep coming by and making this community slowly grow with excellent people


The SlaughterhouseDM/SSGTANK

Mom’s Cancer Surgery & next few weeks

Hi guys,

So my mom went in for cancer surgery today, and it seems to have gone really well. For the next several weeks I will be covering her work and with my usual family duties it means I wont be able to stream till much later, in the evening but I will be here still. This will affect D&D games to be much shorter for the near future as well. New schedule will be up shortly though.


The SlaughterhouseDM


New Class Options Added from Unearthed Arcana

Hey Baelandians,

After a viewer emailed me an unearthed arcana document and I reviewed it carefully, I rather enjoyed the new class paths and have officially added them to the world!

So the new class paths are: Barbarian Path of the Ancestral Guadian, Bard College of Swords, Fighter Arcane Archer, and Monk Way of the Kensei.

I hope you enjoy them and don’t forget to follow the shows on twitch, and show your support by helping out on Patreon every little bit helps.


The SlaughterhouseDM


Introducing Cheering for Donation Rewards!

I realize that cheering may be quicker than donating for effects in the game and I may have an easier time of noticing it, as such I am updating the option to use bits to affect game play with the equivalent donation option.


You can find the whole list of Donation Rewards here, but I’ve put them into each Tier of Reward for simplicity.


$1 Tier Rewards = 100 Bits

$2 Tier Rewards = 200 Bits

$5 Tier Rewards = 500 Bits

$10 Tier Rewards = 1,000 Bits

$20 Tier Rewards = 2,000 Bits

$40 Tier Rewards = 4,000 Bits

$50 Tier Rewards = 5,000 Bits

Understanding the Bits required for Donation Rewards

For each Bit that you Cheer, the Streamer sees around 1 cent worth of that Revenue. Therefore if you Cheer 100 Bits, I receive $1 USD. All of my Donation Rewards are in CAN, my local currency, which is $0.65 CAD per $1 USD. 

Due to the way that Twitch takes a cut of the Cheer money, and on top of that I get taxed extra for being outside of the US by Twitch (30%), I don’t see all of that Revenue, as opposed to Donations where I see 100% immediately, but since my currency value is so much lower it works out to be nearly the same so I have kept it as such for simplicity sake.

Some advantages to using Bits rather than Donations:

  • Along with receiving your regular Donation Reward, you earn different Badges to stand out in chat that display your support for the show
  • The Badges remain forever so everyone knows that you’re a big supporter for the stream
  • It’s a different and simpler option for Donating to the show