Alchemy Ingredients

To turn an alchemy ingredient into a potion it requires a alchemists tool set worth 100 gold pieces and an appropriate skill check DC to create it, failure results in wasted ingredients.

Ingredient Gold Value DC Effect
Bugbear Nose 6sp 13 Potion of cure balding
Dragon Dung 100gp/lb 17 Potion of Resistance
Eyes, 100 1cp/eye 14 Potion of See Invisibility
Ghast Tongue 5gp 11 Cures Paralyzation
Giant Spider Silk 1gp/foot Used in Slippers of Spider Climbing
Ghoul Finger 3sp/finger 12 Cures Stunned
Lycanthrope Teeth 6gp/tooth 11 Cures Lycanthropy before first change
 Mana Dust 1sp/1lbs 15 Potion of Mana 2d4+2
Orc “Member” 1sp/inch 20 Potion of Stoutness, *see a Alchemist if stoutness lasts for more than 5 hours.
Troll Blood 5gp 15 Potion of Healing 2d4+2HP
 Organ or gland from representative type or types to be controlled varies 8+HD of animal Animal Control
 human or simian thalamus gland or ear from an animal with keen hearing 1g  17  clairaudience
human or simian thalamus gland or eye from an animal with keen sight 1g 17 clairvoyance
Giant Insect Legs 5s 15 climbing
Doppleganger flesh or rakshasa ichor 1g/lb 20 delusion
Powdered kobold horn and wererat blood 2cp/ounce 18 diminution
brain of the appropriate dragon type 100gp/Dragon Size Category 8+1/HD dragon control
mind flayer brain 25gp/brain 18 ESP
troll blood or hair of a sain 1gp/vial

saint hair 5gp/hair

16/18 extra-healing
fire elemental phlogiston or salamander scales 1gp/per 15 fire resistance
hippogriff feathers and wyvern blood 2sp/feather, 1sp per vial of blood 15 flying
vampire dust or ogre magi teeth 500gp/dust, 125gp set of ogre teeth 17/14 gaseous form
brain of appropriate giant type 5gp/brain 14 giant control
drops of sweat from appropriate giant type 1sp/drop 22 giant strength
ogre magi gland 36gp 18 growth
ogre magi blood of thread of saint’s
1gp/vial 12 healing
heart of lion or similar giant cat 5sp/heart 15 heroism
vampire eye or nixie blood 100gp/eye 25gp/vial of blood 20 human control
invisible stalker ichor 30gp 19 invisibility
gargoyle horn or lycanthrope skin 3gp/lb 16 invulnerability
beholder eye (from stalk) or will-0-wisp essence 30gp/eye or essence 18 levitation
dragon blood and treant sap or elf blood Dragon Blood 1gp/vial, treant sap 25gp/ vial, elf blood 1sp/vial 25 longevity
shedu fat or demon brain 1gp/lb shedu fat. 50gp/demon brain.  20/15 oil of etherealness
purple worm gland or liver of giant pike 5cp/lbs 17 oil of slipperiness
dryad hair 16 philter of love
harpies’ tongues or devil tongue 18 philter of persuasiveness
shrieker spores and umber hulk eye 14 plant control
mimic skin or succubus hair 18 polymorph (self)
pegasus heart and giant weasel blood speed
giant wolverine blood and minotaur heart super- heroism
water elemental eye or triton blood sweet water
gold dragon scale and six different powdered gem stones 25 treasure finding
dust of freshly destroyed spectres or vampire brain or ghost ectoplasm or lich tongue 18 undead control
water naga blood or nixie organs 19 water breathing