Level Special Mana
1st High Arcana +1 level of Wizard
2nd High Arcana +1 level of Wizard
3rd High Arcana +1 level of Wizard
4th High Arcana +1 level of Wizard
5th High Arcana +1 level of Wizard

The most advanced practitioners of arcane magic are frequently archmages.


Skill Proficiencies: Arcana

Must have at least 10 levels of Wizard.

Special: Must have developed a unique spell.


Hit Dice: D6

Mana Increase: as per wizard level increase.

High Arcana: The archmage learns secret lore unknown to lesser wizards and sorcerers. She gains the ability to select a special ability from among the following.

  • Arcane Fire: The archmage gains the ability to channel mana energy into arcane fire, manifesting as a bolt of raw magical energy. The bolt is a ranged touch attack with long range (400 feet +40 feet/level of archmage) and deals 1d6 points of damage per level of archmage plus 1d6 points of damage per mana of the spell channeled to create the effect.
  • Arcane Reach: The archmage can use touch range spells on targets up to 30 feet away. If selected a second time as a special ability, the range increases to 60 feet.
  • Mastery of Counterspelling: When the archmage counterspells a spell, it is turned back upon the caster. If the spell is an area of effect spell, then it is merely counterspelled.
  • Mastery of Elements: The archmage can alter an arcane spell when cast so that it utilizes a different element from the one it normally does. This ability can only alter spells with the acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder descriptors. The spell’s casting time is unaffected. The caster decides whether or not to alter the spell’s energy type and chooses the new energy type when he begins casting.
  • Mastery of Shaping: The archmage can alter area and effect spells that use the following categories: burst, cone, cylinder, emanation, or spread. The alteration consists of creating spaces withing the spell’s area of effect that are not subject to the spell. The minimum dimension for these spaces is a 5-foot cube. For example, the archmage could cast a fireball and leave a hole where is ally stands, preventing any fire damage. Furthermore, any shapeable spells have a minimum dimension of 5 feet instead of 10 feet.
  • Spell Power +1: This ability increases the DC for saving throws against the archmage’s arcane spells and spell attack rolls by +1. This ability can be selected up to 3 times and it increases by 1 each time. This ability stacks with other class features or magic items that increase spell DC’s and attacks.
  • Spell-Like Ability: The archmage can sacrifice mana points equal to the normal casting of any spell to permanently prepare that spell as a spell-like ability that can be used twice per day. The archmage does not use any components when casting the spell, although a spell that costs XP still does so and a spell with a costly material component instead costs her 10 times that amount in XP. You may choose to set a lower level spell at a higher level by paying its mana cost at the level you want to cast the spell from. I.E you could take a 1st level spell such as magic missile and lose the mana permanently of a 9th level spell to gain the ability to cast Magic Missile at 9th level as a spell like ability twice per day.  If selected more than one time as a special ability, this can apply to the same spell or to a different spell.