An enchanter is an expert at weaving spells permanently into objects beyond simple magic items, but the ability to enchant and bind spells into objects to achieve a variety of effects. Enchanters can also add additional effects to existing magic items by finding the correct ingredients and working at an enchanters bench.
Enchanters Bench

At 1st level the enchanter can create an enchanters bench that requires glass 500gp worth of glass, 100gp of hard wood, 200gp worth of iron. Enchanting items takes place at an enchanters bench.

At 1st level the enchanter can begin using any of the following enchantments provided he has access to the ingredients and can pay the gold value of the ingredients required more than listed here may be possible:
Wall Augmentations
Augmentation Effect Cost*
Airtight No gaseous form intrusion, sealed 7,500 gp
Bladed** 33,000 gp
Chaotic Guarding** 50,000 gp
Elemental Protection 7,500 gp
Elemental Protection, Improved 15,000 gp
Ethereal Solid 12,000 gp
Fiery** 14,000 gp
Fog Veil** 3,000 gp
Fog Veil, Killing** 22,500 gp
Fog Veil, Solid** 14,000 gp
Fog Veil, Stinking ** 7,500 gp
Frostwall 7,000 gp
Holy Guarding** 50,000 gp
Incendiary Veil** 60,000 gp
Lawful Guarding** 50,000 gp
Magic Warding** 22,500 gp
Magic Warding Improved** 50,000 gp
Magically Treated 12,000 gp
Prismatic Screen** 60,000 gp
Slick 1,500 gp
Spiderwalk 1,500 gp
Tanglewood*** 2,500 gp
Thornwood*** 15,000 gp
Transparent 3,000 gp
Unholy Guarding** 50,000 gp
Webbed** 3,000 gp
Windguard** 3,000 gp
Woodbane**** 33,000 gp
*Cost per space for stronhold walls or per 800 square feet for freestanding walls.
**May only be applied to exterior or freestanding walls.
***May only be applied to walls of wood or living wood.
****May not be applied to walls of wood or living wood.