A golemsmith is the master crafter of creating a semblance of life into inanimate objects to create golems. Truly gifted golemsmiths can actually bring true life, a spark of sentience, a true soul into a inanimate object and create true golems.

At 1st level, you have the knowledge needed to create golem manuals, and can create them at half the cost.

At 3rd level, you can create animated weapons, shields, and armor that costs 1000gp to create above the base cost of the item.

At 9th level, you can take the soul of a person and infuse them into a object including a golems body the person has free will unless a 2000gp control ring is crafted with it allowing the wearer to command them completely and the person has no ability to resist commands.

At 14th level, you can use mana crystals and metal to change flesh into organic metal called Manethian. Manethian can be healed for 1hp with mending per round, normally as per magical healing and also with any spell that cures or fixes objects. Manethian can be crafted to replace missing limbs or organs of a living being. Weapons and other items can be imbued into Manethian by paying 10gp of mana dust per every gold value of the item being imbued, this changes the part accordingly or is located within the Manethian object. Manethian takes damage from heat metal and other effects that destroy metal such as rust monsters and other spells/abilities.

At 17th level, you can choose to imbue sentinance and a soul into objects (including golems) when crafting them, the souls come from the plane of mechanus giving a machine spirit to the object. The object if able speak verbally can do so or communicates telepathically with any being it touches physically. The object has all the languages its creators knows at the time. The object has physical stats appropriate for its type, rolling 3d6 for its intelligence, wisdom, charisma, and sanity. The object has the same alignment as its creator. The object has a 10 for its honor score to start and its comeliness is either nill or as appropriate determined by the DM based on how it was crafted. Objects need neither sleep, food nor water. The object has a base of 10 loyalty points to its creator and as long as it is treated well it remains faithful, friendly, and helpful to its creator accepting any task it can fulfill. If the object is treated poorly and its loyalty becomes lower it may leave, betray, or refuse orders from its creator. By using a mana gem stone of at least 1,000gp of value as the “heart” of the object the creator has complete control over the object in question and it must obey all commands given, however a poorly treated object may make unfavourable interpretations of its commands.