Dream Domain

Dream Domain Spells

Cleric level Spells
1st Dissonant Whispers, Sleep
3rd Silence, Hold Person
5th Feign Death, Hypnotic Pattern
7th Greater Invisibility, Locate Creature
9th Dream, Modify Memory

Dream Walking

Can enter people’s dreams while they are sleeping and see what they are seeing. To dream walk it requires physical contact with the sleeper.

Channel Divinity: Deep Sleep

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your channel divinity to cast a sleep spell that is cast as the highest level you can currently cast, and the total rolled is applied to each target you designate within 60 feet. This empowered sleep spell can affect elves and elven kind.

Memory Delver

Starting at 6th level, when dream walking, you can dive into the sleeper’s memories; the sleeper is entitled to a charisma saving throw to resist the effect. If the sleeper fails the saving throw, the dream walker can delve into any memory and observe without the dreamers knowledge. If the sleeper makes the saving throw they do not wake up, but are aware upon waking of the intrusion into their dreams, and can mentally recall the image of the person trying to invade their dreams.

Dream Killer

Starting at 8th level, when dream walking, you can attempt to kill the dreamer in his dream. The dreamer can fight back with all his standard equipment and you can fight with everything you were wearing while dream walking. Any damage the dreamer takes in his sleep does not wake him, if the dreamer hits 0 HP the dreamer becomes brain dead.

Memory Stealer

Starting at 17th level, when dream walking, you can attempt to steal memories from the sleeping dreamer. Opposed charisma saving throws are used to determine the winner of the mental contest. Upon stealing the memory, you have full recollection of it, and can store the memory in a gem of at least 10gp value that has been magically prepared in a meditation ritual with 100g value of witch weeds which are consumed during the ritual to prepare the gem. Anyone touching the memory gem with bare skin can choose to see the memory. The victim of a memory that has been stolen, no longer remembers the memory taken, pivotal moments and important events in a person’s life can be taken and the subject will likely act very differently as a result for better or worse (the DM has full control over how this effect will work).

In addition to stealing memories, you can as with the method above take memory gems and plant new memories into the dreamer. The dreamer will gain the memory and it will adapt to make sense to that person’s life history. The victim can attempt to disbelieve the new memory with three successful DC 15 charisma saving throws. If successful they still have the memories but recognize them as fake memories, this may be of little comfort to the victim.