Time Domain

Time Domain Spells

Cleric level Spells
1st Alarm, Longstrider
3rd Hold Person, Blur
5th Haste, Slow
7th Dimension Door, Banishment
9th Hold Monster, Geas

Timeless body

You physically age at half the normal rate.

Channel Divinity: The passage of time

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your channel divinity to magically age targets you designate within a 60 foot radius. Opponents may make a constitution saving throw to resist the effect, failure and the opponents are aged an amount equal to D20+cleric level+wisdom modifier, success and the opponents are not aged, and cannot be affected by this power again for 24 hours. If a target is aged magically they can be cured with a lesser restoration spell, if however a creature becomes older than its maximum life expectancy the creature may die suddenly. *If this ability is used to artificially age a being from a youth to older, their mental maturity does not match their new age.

Time Speed Up

Starting at 6th level, you can touch a non-carried item and cause the passage of time for that item to be affected causing items to decay, rust, and overall be destroyed. Items that are immune to decay/rust and similar effects, or magical items are immune to the effect. You can use this ability 1/long rest.

Sands of Time

Starting at 8th level, Shift time back up to 1min/wisdom modifier, you keep your memories of what had happened in the alternate future but no one else is aware. You can use this ability 1/long rest.

Time Stop

Starting at 17th level, you can cast time stop as per the spell once per rest.