Undeath Domain

Undeath Domain Spells

Cleric level Spells
1st False Life, Inflict Wounds
3rd Gentle Repose, Ray of Enfeeblement
5th Animate Dead, Vampiric Touch
7th Blight, Death Ward
9th Hallow, Create Undead

Death Resistant 

Gain the Blade Ward cantrip, and gain proficiency with constitution saving throws.

Channel Divinity: Command Undead

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your channel divinity to do a turn check but instead of turning or destroying them, take control and command them. This control can be maintained on a number of creatures equal to your cleric level, and the duration is indefinite upon mindless will less undead, other intelligent undead are entitled to normal durations and saving throws.

Greater Undead

Starting at 6th level, animate dead, and create undead spells no longer have size or type restrictions. (Where do you think the zombie ogre or zombie beholder in the monster manual comes from exactly?)

Undead Horde

Starting at 8th level, regarding undead you have created with animate dead, or create undead spells they remain permanently under your control unless released or forcefully taken by another clerics Command Undead channel divinity. Hence there is no need for the cleric to recast these spells to retain control every 24 hours and instead can raise new corpses to make friends with. (Probably not what your mother meant when she said to go out and make new friends).

Secrets of Lichdom

Starting at 17th level, your deity gives you the knowledge of how to become a lich. If you successfully become a lich, add the lich template.