Deepwood Sniper

Level Special
1st Keen Arrows, Range Increment Bonus, Concealment Reduction
2nd Magic Arrows, Improved Projectile Critical
3rd Safe Poison Use, Take Aim
4th Consistent Aim
5th True Strike

A deepwood sniper is patient, careful, quiet, and deadly accurate.


5th Level

Weapon Proficiencies: any bow or crossbow.

Skill Proficiencies: Stealth, Perception

Feats: Sharpshooter

Special: The character must be trained by a Deepwood Sniper.


Hit Dice: D10

Keen Arrows: At 1st level, all projectiles the deepwood sniper fires behave as if they were keen weapons in addition to any other properties they might possess. Thus, a normal arrow fired by a deepwood sniper has a critical range of 19-20 instead of 20. This effect does not stack with any other keen effect.

Range Increment Bonus: With each level the deepwood sniper gains, the range increments of her projectile weapons increase by +20 feet (added after all multipliers). Thus, a 5th-level deepwood sniper would increase his range by 100 feet.

Concealment Reduction: The deepwood snipers miss chance against opponents with concealment drops by 10% per level. Thus, a 5th-level deepwood sniper would reduce an opponents concealment by up to 50%.

Magic Arrows: At 2nd level, arrows/bolts/projectiles the deepwood sniper attack with count as magical for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Projectile Improved Critical: When the deepwood sniper reaches 2nd level, upon a critical hit, roll the weapon damage five times in addition to other modifiers for damage.

Safe Poison Use: At 3rd level, a deepwood sniper can use poison without any chance of poisoning himself.

Take Aim: At 3rd level, deepwood sniper can gain double advantage bonus on her attack rolls against a stationary target by aiming carefully. Taking aim is a full-round action, and if the target moves more than 5 feet during that period, the bonus is lost.

Consistent Aim: At 4th level, a deepwood sniper can reroll one attack roll per round made with a projectile weapon. The sniper must keep that result, even if it is worse than the original roll.

True Strike: At 5h level, the deepwood sniper has advantage while using projectile weapons.