Level Special
1st Weapon and Armor Prof, Dragon Cohort, Immune to Frightful Presence
2nd Mounted Spellcasting, Spur Mount
3rd Dragon Resistance, Dragon Armor
4th Dragon Senses, Dragon Fighting
5th Destroy Property

Dragon riders develop a strong bond with their mounts that allows the two to work together.


5th Level

Weapon Proficiencies: any bow or crossbow.

Skill Proficiencies: Handle Animal

Feats: LeadershipMounted Combatant

Special: The character must have ridden a dragon at least once and have a dragon that is willing to serve as a mount as a team with the rider.


Hit Dice: D10

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A dragonrider gains proficiency with the lance, longspear, short bow, and all simple weapons. Dragonriders are proficient with light, medium, and heavy armor and with shields.

Dragon Cohort: At 1st level the dragon rider may designate a dragon that he has previously ridden as his dragon cohort.

A dragon will not agree to serve anyone whose alignment opposes its own. The dragon rider may have only one dragon cohort at any one time, and either party may sever the relationship at any time. Once the relationship ends, the mount loses any benefits it gained. A dragon cohort ages shares experience with its rider as any other cohort.

Also, in order for the dragon rider (and dragon) to gain all the benefits of the prestige class, the dragon must be capable of bearing the rider, the same as a typical mount. The dragon must be at least one size category larger than the rider. The mount must also be strong enough to bear the rider aloft.

The dragon rider must spend a minimum of seven days training with his cohort before any benefits accrue. Thereafter, the dragon gains the advantages listed based on the dragon rider’s level.

Additionally, the dragon rider has a number of obligations to his mount. First, the dragon needs a suitable lair. The Monster Manual provides information detailing typical lairs for the various dragon species. Dragons not provided with a suitable lair will certainly rebel against their riders.

Secondly, the dragon must be provided with treasure to keep in its lair. A minimum hoard of 1,000 gp value of treasure per Hit Die of the dragon is typical, with the exact makeup depending on the type and likes of the dragon. (The dragon is not keeping treasure safe for its rider, the treasure belongs to the dragon, who will not part with its treasure easily.) The Dragon demands at least an equal share of valuable goods earned by the Dragon Knight and the Dragon when working together.

Finally, and most important, the dragon must be treated with the respect that a creature of its Intelligence, power, and stature commands. it is not a dumb beast to order around, nor is it merely a minion to command. Even lawful good dragons are willful creatures with their own desires and needs.

Immune to Frightful Presence: At first level, while mounted on or within 10 feet of his dragon mount, a dragonrider is immune to the frightful presence of dragons.

Mounted Spellcasting: At 2nd level a dragonrider has advantage on Concentration checks made to maintain a spell while riding a mount.

Spur Mount: At 2nd level the dragonrider can make a DC 20 animal handling check to spur his dragon mount to greater speed. Success on this check increases the dragon’s speed (flying and otherwise) by 50% (round down to the nearest 5-foot increment), for 5 rounds.

Dragon Resistances: At 3rd level the dragonrider is gains resistance to whatever it is that the dragon uses as a breath weapon attack.

Dragon Armor: At 3rd level the Dragon Rider can fashion armor and shield for herself from the discarded scales of her mount. This is appropriate Dragonscale equipment that does not require the skinning of a live Dragon. While the Dragonrider is using it, this Dragonscale equipment has an enhancement bonus equal to his dragon rider class level.

Dragon Senses: At 4th level the Dragon Rider has Blindsight out to 30′, as well as Darkvision out to 60′ and Low-light Vision

Dragon Fighting: A 4th level Dragon Rider knows the tricks of fighting with and against Dragons. Both the Dragon Rider and her mount have advantage for any attack they make against a Dragon. Also, any attack the rider makes against a Dragon inflict an extra 2d6 of damage.

Destroy Property: At 5th level, a Dragon Rider may ride her mount straight through objects that obstruct her path. While flying at full speed, her mount may crash through objects even such as Walls of Force and similar effects without slowing down.