Level Special Mana 
1st Plane Shift 1/short rest, Telepathy +1 Arcane Caster Class
2nd Analyze Portal +1 Arcane Caster Class
3rd Planar Survival +1 Arcane Caster Class
4th Morphic Stability, Grant Planar Survival +1 Arcane Caster Class
5th Plane Shift at will, Planar Area Swap +1 Arcane Caster Class

The planeshifter is a magical scholar and expert in planar travel, and through arcane research develops not only the ability to sense planar portals, but also the ability to create his own demiplane.


Skills: Arcana, Planes

Level: 5 arcane caster class.

Special: Must have visited an Inner or Outer Plane before taking this prestige class.

Class Features

Hit die: D6

Plane Shift: A planeshifter has the ability to plane shift once per short rest. At 5th level, the planeshifter can use this ability at will.

Telepathy: A planeshifter can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 feet that can speak a language.

Analyze Portal: At 2nd level, a planeshifter gains the ability to understand where planar portals lead, how to open and close the portal, and if it is one way or not.

Planar Survival: A planeshifter of 3rd level or higher becomes attuned to the nature of the planes he visits and personally immune to their natural planar effects.

The planeshifter is immune to the “normal” fires of the Elemental Plane of Fire, but fire-based attack forms and unusually fiery areas there still affect him. Because this extraordinary ability is the result of attuning himself to a particular plane, the planeshifter remains vulnerable to the same sort of damage in other planes where that attack form is not part of the natural order. Fires on other planes, including the Material Plane, affect him normally.

Morphic Stability: At 4th level, a planeshifter gains the ability to impose his will on his surroundings to a limited extent. On planes with the highly morphic trait (such as limbo) or the magically morphic trait (such as the Plane of Shadow), the terrain stabilizes around the planeshifter. The planeshifter automatically calms the terrain within a radius of 300 feet. This area moves with the planeshifter and is centered on him. Permanent structures within the plane are unaffected, and the terrain can still be changed through normal activity.

Grant Planar Survival: A planeshifter of 4th level can extend the planar survival ability by touch to a number of others equal to his planeshifter level. Once granted, the survival ability lasts for 24 hours. Should the planeshifter’s companions wind up on a different plane than the planeshifter, their protection fades immediately.

Planar Area Swap: At 5th level, a planeshifter gains the ability to move sections of the landscape from one plane to another. A spherical area of up to a 100-foot radius per planeshifter level, centered on the planeshifter, may be so moved. Any unwilling individuals within the sphere can make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 20) to negate the swap completely.

As with the plane shift spell, fine control of the destination is impossible.

When the fragment is brought onto the new plane, the traits of the new plane apply themselves within 1d4 rounds. A part of the Elemental Plane of Fire brought onto the Material Plane burns briefly (1d4 rounds), for example, then dissipates.

Because it’s a swap, an equal area of the destination plane appears in the plane of origination. The plane of origination applies its planar traits to the new area in 1d4 rounds.

The swapped areas switch back in a 15 days.

Demiplane Seed: The demiplane seed is a small pocket dimension grown by a planeshifter who has reached 5th level. This pocket dimension is often used as a base of operation. A planeshifter can own only one demiplane at a time, and cannot construct a new one unless all portals to the old one are destroyed. The planeshifter must have a single flawless gemstone of at least 1,000 gp value and work on the demiplane for 100 consecutive days, for 8 hours per day.

Upon completion of the work, the seed opens into a minuscule spherical demiplane, 1 foot in radius. It grows quickly, gaining 1 foot in radius per day up to a maximum radius of 10 feet. After reaching that size, the demiplane continues to grow slowly, gaining 2 feet of radius per year. If its creator perishes, the demiplane stops growing.

The planeshifter’s demiplane has the following planar traits: normal time, alterable, and normal magic. At creation, the planeshifter can set whatever gravity trait, elemental traits, and alignment traits he likes, and can choose whether the plane is finite or self-contained. While the demiplane isn’t morphic, the planeshifter has total control over the landscape at the moment of creation, so he can decide whether it will be a foreboding, mountainous wasteland or a bucolic forest. The terrain set at creation extends itself as the demiplane grows. While it’s not possible to fit jagged peaks into a 1-foot sphere, cliffs and summits appears as the demiplane grows.

The demiplane grown from the seed is unfurnished, so the planeshifter must provide what construction is necessary. It has a single portal entry, which the planeshifter may control for access. Demiplanes are often used as hiding places, research labs, and prisons for particular beasts.