Your patron is a being of immense power, born of the primordial powers of the universe this entity controls facets of reality innately not to mention its great size and physical power. Their motives vary from Titan to Titan and the power they wield to them is simply an expression of their will, they were simply born with it. By agreeing to serve a Titan you gain certain powers from it in trade for your service and possibly your soul after death. Titans are not quite gods themselves but their powers rival them or any other great beings in the cosmos.

titan Expanded Spells
1st Create or Destroy Water, Protection from Evil/Good
2nd Protection from Poison, Spiritual Weapon
3rd Lightning Bolt, Call Lightning
4th Conjure Minor Elementals, Stone Skin
5th Wall of Stone, Telekinesis
Blessing of the titans

Starting at 1st level, as so long as your patron looks upon you favorably, such power is tangible and you act at all times as if you had the bless spell cast upon you, your patron can remove and grant their favor at their whims.

power of the titans

Starting at 6th level, once per rest you may change the elemental damage on any magical attack or physical weapon enchantment you wield to any other type of elemental damage.

titanic resilience

Starting at 10th level, once per rest you can designate a plane of existence you are familiar with and designate it as your home plane. While on your home plane you heal naturally twice as fast, can adapt to the environment to survive as its natural inhabitants (i.e. the extreme heat of the plane of fire won’t set you aflame and you can breathe normally.) and have advantage from being banished from it.

wrath of the titans

Starting at 14th level, Once per long rest you can call upon your patron to invoke his wrath to cause one of the following effects (note it is up to the DM to determine if the titan agrees to invoke his wrath in such a way): cast storm of vengeance, or cause an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, volcanic eruption, tsunami, flash flood, or similar natural calamity.