Divine Ranks

Divine Ranks function similar to levels but do not add actual levels to a character but Divine Ranks. You need to meet a set minimum requirement of sentient mortal beings to worship you too maintain your divine rank level (dependant on campaign setting). Other things can grant divine Ranks but you still have to meet the requirements to gain the next rank above. Deities belonging to a pantheon who have a patron above them add their worshiper base to the patron, this stacks with multiple beneficiaries below the client. To begin getting qualifying worshipers to gain divine ranks you require a divine spark to begin with, ergo a charismatic mortal that convinces a population to worship him as a god does not actually gain any divine ranks unless he has a divine spark (certain mad creatures such as the Kuo-Toa are known to break this rule).

Hit Die. Gain 1HD/Divine Rank Hit Die D8

Divine Feats. gain a divine feat per divine rank if you meet the prerequisites.

Divine Rank Required Worshipers Features
1 500 Power of the gods, Immortality, Grant spells, Chosen.
2 1,000 Immunities, Spell like Abilities.
3 2,000 Damage Resistances 1, Ability Score Increase.
4 4,000 Damage Immunities 1
5 10,000 Divine Senses
6 25,000 Divine Travel, Ability Score Increase.
7 50,000 Remote Sensing
8 100,000 Create magic Item
9 250,000 Magic Resistance, Ability Score Increase.
10 400,000 Damage Resistance 2, Exarch
11 500,000 Divine Armor bonus +1
12 600,000 Favoured Weapon, Ability Score Increase.
13 700,000 Ability Score Increase.
14 850,000 Divine Armor bonus +2
15 1,000,000 Greater Deity
16 10,000,000 Damage Immunity 2
17 25,000,000 Ability Score Increase.
18 50,000,000 Damage Resistance 3
19 100,000,000 Divine Armor Bonus +3
20 1,000,000,000 Damage Immunity 3, Ability Score Increase.

Power of the Gods. Can always choose on a D20 roll to at minimum roll their divine rank, this cannot be a critical success or failure.

Immorality. Do not age past adulthood; do not require sleep, food or drink.

Grant Spells. Grant spells to followers based on their own power.

Chosen. The god can grant a chosen worshiper incredible power, considering the worshiper to be his living will. The most powerful and faithful heroes of a deity are commonly selected to be chosen’s, a deity can only have one chosen at any one time. The deity can revoke the chosen’s powers at any time and grant it to any other worshiper once completing a long rest. The chosen gains the chosen template.

Immunities. Petrification, polymorphing and any other attack that may alter the shape, size, or composition of the deity that is unwanted. Mind affecting effects. Disease, poison, stunned, magical sleep, paralysis, instant death effects, and disintegration. Immune to banishment or imprisonment spells, turning and rebuking, etc. similar effects.

Spell like Abilities. Cast spells at will that they can grant to their followers from their domain spells. Use Deity’s D20 roll+Cha mod + Divine rank for spell check.

Damage Resistances 1. Fire resistance

Damage Immunities 1. Electricity, cold and acid damage

Divine Senses. Advantage on perception checks. Can sense through their normal senses 1mile/divine rank. Cannot sense through solid objects without some sort of x ray vision or using the ability to remote sense.

Divine Travel. Can teleport without chance of error at will. Can only take itself and 100lbs of objects/divine rank. Can Plane shift at will, only take itself and 100lbs of objects/divine rank.

Remote Sensing. As standard action, can sense and communicate with any worshiper, or anyone within one mile/divine rank of its own worshipers, dedicated holy site, or statue/likeness.

Create Magic Item. Create magic items related to deity’s domains in 1/2 the normal time and with 1/2 the material components. Divine Rank 1-5: common, 6-10, uncommon, 11-15 rare, 16-20 very rare.

Magic Resistance. Advantage on saving throws vs magic.

Damage Resistance 2. Resistance to damage from slashing/piercing/bludgeoning from non-magical attacks.

Exarch. The deity can raise a mortal worshiper that it is devout to Exarch status. A deity can have one exarch per divine rank. The chosen worshiper need not be living to be raised as such. The worshiper gains the exarch template.

Divine Armor Bonus +1. +1 Divine Armor bonus to AC.

Favoured Weapon. The deity has a favourite weapon(s) and is renowned for fighting with a particular style. Worshipers of the deity using the same style weapon that has been blessed by the deity or a deity’s representative such as a cleric can attack as if under the effect of the “Bless” spell by their deity, gaining an extra D4 to attack rolls made with the weapon, the follower cannot stack this ability with another “Bless” spell effect cast from any other source but can still gain the Bless effect to add a D4 to saving  throws as per normal.

Divine Armor Bonus +2. +2 Divine Armor bonus to AC.

Greater Deity. Counts as a Greater Deity, this allows the deity to found pantheons with other deities and collect worshiper power from the deities below them in the pantheon. Greater Deities can raise worshipers to be exarches, and grants worshipers any level clerical spell.

Damage Immunity 2. Immunity from damage from non-magical weapons.

Damage Resistance 3. resistance to damage from slashing/piercing/bludgeoning from magical attacks.

Divine Armor. Bonus +3: +6 Divine Armor bonus to AC.

Damage Immunity 3. Immunity from damage from magical weapons, can only be hurt from legendary weapons, artifacts, god killing weapons, and other gods.