Dragonmarks are elaborate skin patterns, similar to tattoos, that grant their bearers innate spellcasting abilities. Each type of mark is tied to large, extended families that each control a different industry or trade in Eberron. Not every member of a given family possesses a dragonmark; conversely, merely possessing a dragonmark does not grant special status within the house.

You must use a feat to gain a dragonmark. You are a member of its corresponding dragonmarked house (or houses, in the case of the Mark of Shadow) and must belong to its listed race or races.


Mark House Race Influence
Detection Medani Helf-elf Warning Guild
Finding Tharashk Half-orc, Human Finders Guild
Handling Vadalis Human Handlers Guild
Healing Jorasco Halfling Healers Guild
Hospitality Ghallanda Halfling Hostelers Guild
Making Cannith Human Tinkers Guild, Fabricators Guild
Passage Orien Human Couriers Guild, Transportation Guild
Scribing Sivis Gnome Notaries Guild, Speakers Guild
Sentinel Deneith Human Bladesmark GUild, Defenders Guild
Shadow Phiarlan Elf Entertainers and Artisans Guild
Shadow Thuranni Elf Shadow Network
Storm Lyrander Half-Elf Windrights Guild, Raincallers Guild
Warding Kundarak Dwarf Banking Guild, Warding Guild

Aberrant dragonmarks occasionally appear, which are not tied to the dragonmarked houses and have a variety of effects. To represent an aberrant dragonmark for your character, choose the Magic Initiate feat from the Player’s Handbook.

New feat: dragonmark

You have a magical mark that indicates you are a member of one of the dragonmarked houses. Select one of the options from the Dragonmarks table.

You gain the ability to innately cast spells and cantrips, as summarized in the Dragonmark Benefits table, using the spellcasting ability listed under the Ability column. You cast each spell at its lowest level. Once you cast a given spell this way, you must finish a long rest before you can cast it innately again. You must still expend any material components. Your dragonmark confers the following benefits:

  • When you first take this feat, you gain the least dragonmark. You learn the spells listed under the Least column.
  • At 5th level and higher, your mark becomes more potent, improving to lesser dragonmark. You also learn the spell listed under the Lesser column.
  • At 9th level and higher, your mark’s power increases again, becoming a greater dragonmark. You also learn the spell listed under the Greater column.
Dragonmark Benefits Ability Least Lesser Greater
Detection WIS Detect Magic, Mage Hand Detect Thoughts Clairvoyance
Finding WIS Identify, Mage Hand Locate Object Clairvoyance
Handling WIS Druidcraft, Speak with Animals Beast Sense Conjure Animals
Healing WIS Cure Wounds, Spare the Dying Lesser Restoration Revivify
Hospitality CHA Friends, Unseen Servant Rope Trick Leomund’s tiny hut
Making INT Identify, Mending Magic Weapon Fabricate
Passage INT Expeditious Retreat, Light Misty Step Teleportation Circle
Scribing INT Comprehend Languages, Message Sending Tongues
Sentinel WIS Blade Ward, Compelled Duel Blur Protection from Energy
Shadow CHA Dancing Lights, Disguise Self Darkness Nondetection
Storm INT Fog Cloud, Shocking Grasp Gust of WInd Sleet Storm
Warding INT Alarm, Resistance Arcane Lock Magic Circle