Genie Coins

The Grand Genie Sultan Coins (Genie Coins or GC) can be used to buy things in the Sultans Grand Bazaar in the astral plane. All of the available services are below! All stuff must be purchased outside of an active gaming session. If you need more genie coins you can get them by donating at $0.20 per coin here please allow for up to 48 hours for me to process your request. By watching me stream on twitch  you can also earn genie coins while I am live 1 for every 15 minutes, and when I am offline 1 every hour. You can participate in “!quest”mini games in chat and risk up to 100 coins at a time to try and win big.

Attribute Points

5,000 genie coins = 1 attribute point increase up to a cap of 20

20,000 genie coins = raising 1 attribute point from 20 up to a cap of 30


2,000 = Learn a new Cantrip from a class list you can already cast from.

Death Token Buyback

5,000 genie coins = 1 Death Token removed (cant remove the first one)

Feat Training

In the Grand Bazaar there are many who would be more than happy and able to train you, for the right price…

Gestalt Unlock

200,000 genie coins

Instant Training to next level after a long rest (if you have enough xp required to advance)
Level Genie Coin Cost
2nd-4th 1,000
5th-10th 2,000
11th-16th 3,000
17th-20th 4,000

20 genie coin = 10 gold pieces

Action Points

400 genie coins = 1 action point.

Hit Die Max Roll

1,000 genie coins = 1 HD at max roll.

Ki Points

10,000 genie coins = 1 additional Ki point.

Mana Points

2,000 genie coins = 1 additional mana point.

New Spell Learned

10,000 genie coins = learn a new spell from your spell list.

Psionic Power Points

2,000 genie coins = 1 additional psionic power point.

Psionic Unlock

200,000 genie coins

Ships in a Bottle

The Djins of Water are proud to present these fine sailing vessels that have been magically sealed inside a bottle for adventuring convenience. Simply uncork the bottle near an appropriate body of water and the ship inside will turn to mist and flow out of the bottle into the water and grow to its appropriate size. The bottle is no longer magical after this has been used.

  • Rowboat 2,000 genie coins
  • Keelboat 60,000 genie coins
  • Longship 20,000 genie coins
  • Sailing Ship 20,000 genie coins
  • Warship 50,000 genie coins
  • Galley 60,000 genie coins
Skill & Language Training

The Djins with their memory shards can implant skills and languages to you with a quick meditation session.

  • Language 1,500 genie coins
  • Skill 2,400 genie coins

20 genie coin = 10xp