Plot Points

Plot Points

Plot points allow players and viewers to change the course of the campaign, introduce plot complications, and even alter the world.

Using Plot Points
Each player starts with 1 plot point. During a session, a player can spend that point for one effect. Chat has one plot point they can vote on, if the vote does not pass then the plot point has not been used. A chat presented plot point must be typed as “Plot Twist, x happens.” A player and chat can spend no more than 1 plot point per session. Further plot points can be purchased via a $10.00 donation.

Option 1: What A Twist
A player who spends a plot point gets to add some element to the setting or situation that the group (including you) must accept as true. For example, a player can spend a plot point and state that his or her character has found a secret door, an NPC appears, or a monster turns out to be a long-lost ally polymorphed into a horrid beast. A player who wants to spend a plot point in this way should take a minute to discuss his or her idea with everyone else at the table and get feedback before settling on a plot development.

Option 2: The Plot Thickens
Whenever a player spends a plot point, the player to his or her right must add a complication to the scene. For example, if the player who spends the plot point decides that her character has found a secret door, the player to the right might state that opening the door triggers a magical trap that teleports the party to another part of the dungeon.