Psionics are various powers derived from the brain and they enable characters so endowed to perform in ways which resemble magical abilities.

Characters with one or more intelligence, wisdom or charisma ability scores of 16 or higher might have psionic ability. Whether or not this ability is possessed is then determined by a dice roll using percentile dice you must roll equal to or less than your total chance based on your ability scores, dropping any half points.

Ability Score Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
16 +2.5 +1.5 +0.5
17 +5 +3 +1
18 +7.5 +4.5 +1.5
19 +10 +6 +2
20 +12.5 +7.5 +2.5
21 +15 +9 +3
22 +17.5 +10.5 +3.5
23 +20 +12 +4
24 +22.5 +13.5 +4.5
25 +25 +15 +5
26 +27.5 +16.5 +5.5
27 +30 +18 +6
28 +32.5 +19.5 +6.5
29 +35 +21 +7
30 +37.5 +22.5 +7.5

If psionics are possessed, it is necessary to determine the ability (or strength) and the number of powers the character has. Psionics in no way affect the performance of the character in his or her chosen class, except as possible roleplay changes to the character. You gain Proficiency with the Psionic skill and Sanity saving throw.

PSlONlC Points

The psionically endowed character rolls percentile dice (D100) + 1 point to the total for each point of intelligence, wisdom and charisma score above 12. In addition, if 2 of these scores are above 16, the number of points is doubled, and if all 3 scores are above 16, the number of points is quadrupled.

The base score (01 – 100) plus bonuses if any, are added together. The total is the Psionic Power of the individual, psionic power and psionic points are a term interchangeable for the purposes of this.

Psionic Combat

There are 10 Psionic sub combat rounds within a combat round. When engaging with psionic combat with other psionic(s), you all roll psionic skill checks. Your skill check determines how much power you managed to muster in that sub round, your skill check vs other skill checks determines by how much you win or lose by. However much you win/lose the check by is how much Psionic Point damage you/they take and if you/they run out of Psionic Points to take damage with the carry over applies to hit point damage.

Mind Blast (Point Cost 6). Psionics can use their mental powers to focus an attack of psychic energy to attack other beings. The Psionic emits psychic energy in a 60-foot cone. Each creature in that area must succeed on a DC intelligence saving throw or take 1D8+Sanity modifier Psychic damage  and be stunned for a minute. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success.

The abilities damage increases by 1d8 when you reach 5th level (2d8), 11th level (3d8), and 17th level (4d8).

Psionic disciplines

The psionically endowed character determines how many disciplines he or she is able to exercise by use of the following table (one roll of percentile dice):

Die Score Number of Disciplines Minor Major
01-10 1 0
11-25 2 0
26-40 3 0
41-55 2 1
56-70 3 1
71-80 4 1
81-90 3 2
91-95 5 1
96-100 4 2

Once the number of disciplines possessed is known, the character determines by random die rolling which disciplines he or she knows. If the same one is indicated a second time, simply re-roll until a different one is indicated. Note that the employment of these powers costs psionic points. Click on the name of the devotion to learn more.

Table of Psionic Disciplines

1D20 Minor Devotions 1D20 Major Devotions
 1 Animal Telepathy 1 Astral Projection
 2 Body Equilibrium 2 Aura Alteration
 3 Body Weaponry 3 Body Control
 4 Cell Adjustment 4 Dimension Door
 5 Clairaudience 5 Dimension Walk
 6 Clairvoyance 6 Energy Control
 7 Detection of Good/Evil 7 Etherealness
 8 Detection of Magic 8 Mass Domination
 9 Domination 9 Mind Bar
 10 Empathy 10 Molecular Manipulation
 11 ESP 11 Molecular Rearrangement
 12 Expansion 12 Probability Travel
13 Hypnosis 13 Telekinesis
14 Invisiblity 14 Telempathic Projection
15 Molecular Agitation 15 Teleportation
16 Object Reading 16 Shape Alteration
17 Precognition 17 Levitation
18 Reduction 18 Mind Over Body
19 Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions  19 Roll again (or select one)
20 Suspend Animation  20  Roll again( select one, or get two minors)

Level of Mastery. Refers to the level of the character.