Green Orc and Black Orcs

Green Orc

Git Big: Every time you fight the same strength or greater creature and wins gain Str +1 and Con +1 to a maximum of 20 (stop growing permanently if defeated until stat increases from level up).

Regenerate: Regrow any limb within 6 weeks, scars heal over, all permanent injuries can heal within 4 weeks of rest.

Bloodline Memories: Gain the memories of all ancestors.

Green Orc Blood Control: Can be completely controlled and loses free will from the right artifact…. Lose free will and the ability to refuse orders from stronger Orcs of any type unless already controlled by the artifact.

Age & Reproduction: Reproduces asexaually through spores every 4 months, born within 6 weeks, full adult on birthing, does not physical age, all body cells regenerate, will never die of old age.


Black Orc (Effectively a Template Race)

Are Green orcs further empowered by dark magic.

Git Big: Same as green orc; with following changes, Strength and Con cap is increased to 30.

Alignment: Restriction to CE.

*Immune to green orc blood control