Chosen Template

You are the embodiment of your deity’s word and will, you are their Chosen! There can only be one of you per deity, and you must honor your god in word and deed. As a living example of your deities power and will you get the following benefits:

• Stat increase limit becomes 25
• +10 to any one stat, and +5 to a different stat.
• Immortality as long as you remain chosen.
• Gain an ability depending on the domain your deity has
◦ Civilization
▪ Feel stronger when inside civilized areas and as such you gain advantage to skill and ability checks.
◦ Crafting
▪ Proficiency with all crafting tools, can build things in half the normal time with half the material costs, this applies to magical item creation. Can craft magical items without associated spells but substituting them with sufficient material components related to the desired effect, subject to DM interpretation
◦ Chaos
▪ Detect law and chaos at will. Cast protection from law at will.
◦ Commerce
▪ Magically change currency of any kind to equal value of any other kind, no value should be gained or lost in this process.
◦ Darkness
▪ Can cast darkness at will, and maintain 2 separate uses of it. Can see in darkness and magical darkness as if with normal vision or infra vision.
◦ Death
▪ Resistance to necrotic damage. Can speak with dead at will.
◦ Dream
▪ Dream walk into people’s dreams to observe what they are seeing, can further manipulate dreams of sleeping people in any way they see fit.
◦ Knowledge:
▪ Do not expend spell slots to cast spells. If using the variant skill based spell casting system (in another publication) automatically succeed on spell casting attempts.
◦ Law
▪ Know the laws of the area you are in with but a thought.
▪ Detect law and chaos at will. Cast protection from chaos at will.
◦ Life
▪ Gain regeneration 1, regains 1 hit point magically per round as long as you have at least 1 hit point. Can slowly regrow limbs, and heal injuries.
◦ Light
▪ Add 6D8 radiant damage to attack rolls, alternatively create a beam of light that is a ranged dex attack that burns the target for 6D8 radiant damage.
▪ Gains the light cantrip spell.
◦ Love
▪ Become incredibly hard to resist, advantage on persuasion checks to convince others to “love you”.
◦ Madness
▪ Indefinite madness gained, cannot be cured, and cannot be subject to madness from other sources unless the deity wishes it.
◦ Nature
▪ Gain the ability to shape shift as a 20th level druid.
• If already a 20th level druid gain the ability to cast awaken at will without material components but it still takes 8 hours to cast.
◦ Tempest
▪ Control weather at will within a mile centred on the caster. Can cause all sorts of weather effects within 30 minutes, the weather gradually changes during this time to the desired effect.
◦ Time
▪ Not subject to time manipulation on other planes of existence unless willing to do so. Immune to magical aging. Not affected by others casting of time stop spells. Can interact with objects that are suspended in time or otherwise out of sync with time in any way.
◦ Trickery
▪ Can turn invisible self only at will. Can see invisible creatures.
◦ War
▪ Advantage to attack rolls. Proficiency with all weapons and armor.
◦ Undead
▪ Animate dead and create undead spells are no longer restricted for you by type, or size; further the spells effect is permanent and does