A paragon is the best example of a races potential, the pinnacle power that the creature might naturally arise to or be born as. There can only be one living paragon of a single type of creature. If a creature should be so lucky to be born a paragon, or to become one through some unknown means, the creature gains the following benefits. You can ask to be a paragon the DM must roll a D100 10 times and get a 01 each time.

Healthy. A paragon always gets maximum hit points for each of its hit dice, and gains double the hit points from Constitution modifier at each hit die.

Movement. Triple base speed for all movement types.

Natural Armor. If the being has natural armor, double it.

Best at Everything. A paragon has advantage on all ability checks, skill checks, attack rolls. A paragon always rolls max on damage rolls, healing, or any similar affect.

Talented. Gain one bonus feat that you qualify for.

Attribute Changes. Gain +5 to all stats, all stats have a limit of 30.