Game Calendar

July 2017

Booking Game priority goes as follows:

  • Patreon supporters from highest category to lowest.
  • Moderators on Twitch
  • Followers on Twitch
  • Other viewers and friends.

How to Book a Game?

Emails will be sent out to Patreon Supporters from highest category to lowest, to ask them to book the game dates they are interested in joining. After which once all the dates are filled/all patreons asked if any spots are left open which can be seen on this page, others can book them on a first come first serve basis via email. I use the time stamp on my email to determine who booked first, if there is a tie in time within 10 minutes of each other for a spot the priority of admins, followers, and others will be utilized to determine who gets the time spot.

To book a slot for a game email with the description stating your twitch name, character name, and the game date & time requested. You have 15 mins to show before your spot may be given away if you are a no show, if the spot is given away due to lateness you have lost it for the evening, only exception is if you clear it with me in advance and I agree to hold your spot.

Times are in Mountain Standard Time.


Games are currently closed for now. Play by post is available in the forums.