I’m a lazy man

Hey Baelandians,

I have been incredibly lazy with the website lately, and I can say its because of life and being busy, but mostly it comes down to depression making it hard to do things. But I wanted to announce some things we will be doing on the website in the near future here that will be announced as I get them out.

  • Fan Clips of streams page.
  • Finish adding Sword coast adventure guide options.
  • Finish Planar races, such as the Aasimar and such.
  • Game summaries and youtube game uploads.

I could go into more depth about these things, but as the title says, I am a lazy man and I think you get the idea.

For those wondering about rescue Kitty that we saved about six weeks ago on stream his name is Thunder, he has had his 2nd shots now, he is 1.5kg’s and he is perfectly healthy, cute and full of energy!

Special thank you to my paetreon supporters helping me out, you people are the best, and also to all you wonderful viewers that keep coming by and making this community slowly grow with excellent people


The SlaughterhouseDM/SSGTANK

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