As this is a roleplaying game we need people to interact with that are not just the player characters. This is where you can come in and play one or many different non player characters that need to be represented in a given event. You may play as a goblin attacking the hero’s and then the next hour playing a priest giving them a quest.

While playing as an NPC you help out the game, to run an event properly we require at least 1 NPC per 3 player characters. While you are NPCing though you will earn xp for the event for any player character you want to create for the days you don’t want to be an NPC.

You also earn valuable Genie Coins! These are a virtually tracked coins that are used for in-game item purchases, extra experience points, and temporary buffs. You can find more about their rewards and use here

NPC’s also don’t pay registration fees for events, they get to attend the event for free. (Any camping fees if any still need to be paid however).

We supply all the make-up, costuming, prosthetics, weapons and armour for NPCs.

All you need is black clothing (sweatpants, black jeans or old dress pants, shirts etc) a good pair of “not white sneakers”, such as hiking boots, combat boots or something similar and a several pairs of socks. You want something with good support, good grip and preferably water resistant. You will also want to bring a water bottle.