Introducing Cheering for Donation Rewards!

I realize that cheering may be quicker than donating for effects in the game and I may have an easier time of noticing it, as such I am updating the option to use bits to affect game play with the equivalent donation option.


You can find the whole list of Donation Rewards here, but I’ve put them into each Tier of Reward for simplicity.


$1 Tier Rewards = 100 Bits

$2 Tier Rewards = 200 Bits

$5 Tier Rewards = 500 Bits

$10 Tier Rewards = 1,000 Bits

$20 Tier Rewards = 2,000 Bits

$40 Tier Rewards = 4,000 Bits

$50 Tier Rewards = 5,000 Bits

Understanding the Bits required for Donation Rewards

For each Bit that you Cheer, the Streamer sees around 1 cent worth of that Revenue. Therefore if you Cheer 100 Bits, I receive $1 USD. All of my Donation Rewards are in CAN, my local currency, which is $0.65 CAD per $1 USD. 

Due to the way that Twitch takes a cut of the Cheer money, and on top of that I get taxed extra for being outside of the US by Twitch (30%), I don’t see all of that Revenue, as opposed to Donations where I see 100% immediately, but since my currency value is so much lower it works out to be nearly the same so I have kept it as such for simplicity sake.

Some advantages to using Bits rather than Donations:

  • Along with receiving your regular Donation Reward, you earn different Badges to stand out in chat that display your support for the show
  • The Badges remain forever so everyone knows that you’re a big supporter for the stream
  • It’s a different and simpler option for Donating to the show

D&D Online and kitten rescue

Greetings knights of Baeland,

Tonight I wanted to tell you that we have been getting into dungeons and dragons online after our D&D sessions and that we are having serious fun with it. I would invite you to follow the stream at and join us for regular D&D and online.

The D&D online server we are playing on is called Orien and is for members of our stream only! I am playing as Darksol but due to some jerk taking my name is the past 10+ years the game has been out I am called in game as Darkseol terrible right. Anyways its been a lot of fun, and I would invite you to join us as the game is free to play.

While streaming we found and rescued a kitty that had been abandoned in the alley behind our garage, his name is Thunder now, because he reminds me of Thunder Conan’s horse from the animated series I watched as kid (and adult). Kitty was scared and needed lots of cuddles, love, food, and pooping on the floor as such I have been up all evening with him. Seems we have another DM familiar, I am becoming the crazy cat DM instead of the slaughterhouse DM.




The Slaughterhouse DM



Update to Druids

Hello Baelandians

Upon much consideration and speaking with other players, and several years of playing D&D 5e. I have agreed with other players and have decided to revamp the druid, and so I have. What have I done you ask, well let me tell you.

The Druid gets its animal companion back, it can now shape shift based on creature size and being familiar with the animal instead of limited by challenge rating. Also you only a druid circle of land to belong to, no more of this moon pseudo lycanthropy nonsense. You dont need to memorize your spells, you just have access to them and cast what you want based on your mana availible. Enjoy, and your welcome.



The Slaughterhouse DM

Calvin George Adams



Nikki’s requested Mega dungeon Session 2

Hey everyone,

This session went pretty well, even though most of what we fought were giant rats. Nikki was able to come home for a weekend pass from the hospital, and she should  be coming home in a few days time now.

We continued with a descent into the ruins beneath the tavern of afterlife and they made there way to the cross roads before heading back. Most of the game took place outside of the dungeon which had some pretty regular run of the mill stuff, but something pretty cool also happened.

Two of our players, the nobles that are pulling a lannister have gotten involved with the Aventine Collegium. The female is a worshiper of Pluto (Hades) and the male is trying to instead of paying protection to the Aventine, to simply join it and offer his house as a base of operations. Well its just funny enough that the leader of the Aventine Collegium is a man named Lucius Vorenus a son of Hades, this is hilarious to me how things work sometimes with players in new campaigns meeting npcs from older ones and then creating new stories together, tis a thing of beauty.

First they had a place in their house set aside as holy ground (unholy) for Pluto with a dedication from the chosen of Jupiter, and then Lucius came by for a visit. Upon talking, they came to common ground and agreed to make the character (again I can’t remember character names until they are even worth remembering or they post there character in the handy dandi fourm…).

With the only properly dedicated holy shrine and statue of Pluto in all of Rome here in their house now, Lucious was able to pray and make contact with his father directly. They were privy to seeing Pluto take possession of this statue and talk to them all, Pluto blessed the union and told the female player to server his son with distinction and that their house would overflow with riches from Erebus itself.

I finally have the show on youtube, its kinda low quality and our area in the garage is certainly far from pretty for a backdrop, but there it is and you can watch it. Hopefully going forward I will be able to continue recording games and start doing some other types of videos related to our stuff.

Also some update happened on the website and changed all my font. As I pull up pages I will fix it back to my pretty black color.


Calvin George Adams

The Slaughterhouse DM

Nikki’s requested Mega dungeon Session 1

Hey guys,

On Feburary 11th, 2017 I have started a new campaign for the benefit of my wife Nikki who is still recovering in hospital. Sadly we are not able to stream it as the hospital wifi just was not cooperating with us and it was completely unwatchable, going forward we are just going to record it and try to upload it to youtube after the fact.

As is I had a bunch of people out to show support for Nikki as this is part of her therapy to keep her mentally well, normally I would not expect so many people to show up, but it was pretty cool. As is I didn’t bother to remember the character names and classes as I don’t know how many will be returning to play, and this is more of a dungeon that has been added to the world that can be done at any time but something I am specifically running because it was Nikki’s choice.

At any rate we had a few new players to my style of game that tend to play in much more “relaxed” games. As a result fighting giant rats, goblins and bandits proved to be a nearly overwhelming challenge for this group of adventurers, resulting in player deaths, and if not for one player selling himself into slavery and selling the wizards spell book as collateral in addition with a shelter of the faith feature those players would have remained dead.

On February 18th we will be back at it again for another session, we will see how many show up to join us. The next Saturday we may be playing and streaming from home, Nikki may be coming home for the weekend in preparation for her being released from hospital. In other news I have a new day job, so when I do get back to gaming and streaming it will be for shorter and not nearly as late in the day. Weekends will probably be reserved for the big days. I will have to see how things work out once I adjust to the early morning schedule and have Nikki back home full time.


The Slaughterhouse DM


We were in a very bad accident

Hi guys,

Sorry I havn’t been online to stream, it will be some time before I can get back onto that.

On the 24th of December Mom, Nikki and I were driving taking Nikki to her eye Dr appointment in calgary. We hit a patch of black ice and spun out of control, we went off the road flipped sideways and rolled 6 times.

I had my seatbelt off as I was grabbing some water, bad timing on my part. Nikki and Mom had their belts on, mom was driving , nikki passenger seat, I was in the middle (van).

I went spinning around getting smashed into everything but I stayed conscious, I smashed the window out and pulled myself out after we stopped moving but my arm and leg wouldn’t work I couldnt get them out. Luckily a lot of people stopped to assist us one of which was an ER doctor from our town, EMS showed up rather quickly too.

Mom has some injuries where the seat belt hurt her from the impact, and some soft tissue damage. I have soft tissue damage all over my body as if I have had the crap kicked out of me but my face is still pretty all my bruises and cuts are on my arms or side and upper legs so you can’t really see them, otherwise I walked out like a champ.

Nikki, oh boy guys, Nikki shes hurt bad. She has fractured vertebrae, crushed discs, two spiral fractures in her right arm, 6 broken ribs, and a broken clavicle. She will be hurt a long time here. We are talking 6 months to 9 months, and then she will start physio.

We lost our only mode of transportation and financially we are in a bad way in addition to injuries. Thyssyk at is streaming and fundraising to help us out here as we will need new wheels to get Nikki to her many appointments and possibly some handicap friendly changes to the house we will need to make. Thyssyk is also going to be heading a go fund me campaign to help get us out.

The picture is Nikki as you can see not doing great.

We will be in calgary hospital for at least 3-5 weeks and then if she is lucky after that a transfer back to lethbridge hospital for 6-9 months. As such I wont be able to stream for a while for obvious reasons, and my plans to get players in games is going to be delayed a while too. I am sure you understand and forgive this delay.

Cheers, guys

Campaign Session 41 The end of the reclaiming of Bjornstad Campaign!

Hello Baelandians,

What a night tonight was, full of me getting my monsters wrecked by pay to win tactics haha, but that is alright, it was cleverly used and it is there as an option should players feel the need to utilize it, I figure it helps balance out how lethal my stuff is for the average gamer and it helps to support the stream, so that is cool by me. This was the last session for 2016 of our D&D campaign for Bjornstad.

In Game Date: February 24, 2225 of the common year.

Real Life Date: December 20, 2016 A.D.


  • Nikki
    • Helga Surface Dwarf level 15 Paladin/Cleric Gestalt of the Dwarven Allfather
    • Ursula Surface Dwarf level 15 Cleric of the Dwarven Allfather
    • Hannah Wood Elf level 15 Ranger
    • Samantha Dark Dwarf level 8 Cleric of the Dwarven Allfather
  • Spencer
    • Alex Human level 9 Sorcerer of the Hero’s Guild
    • Aeryn Hawk level 8 Paladin of Volcano
    • Grayson Halfling level 7 Rogue of the Aventine Collegium
  • Dan
    • Tames Human Level 9 Rogue
  • Richard
    • Dermanis Green Dragonman level 12 Monk
    • Jack a Beast Ogre level 10 Barbarian of Punazhul
    • Tula Red Orc level 10 Fighter of Punazhul
    • Olios Red Orc level 10 Fighter of Punazhul

So first things first, there was some pvp that started up over the Lunar Staff which is hilarious, and took hours of gameplay up as a one on one duel between Helga and Jack, which Jack eventually won. Alex handed over the “staff” that was an illusion and tricked them with that keeping the staff for himself. After the duel for the staff was finished they group agreed that it was time to go down speak with George Maximus and handle the Demon Gate once and for all.

Upon meeting with George and the soldiers of Sol they made a plan of attack, that Helga, Dermanis and Alex’s team would take on the fire and snake demon (Balor and Marilith) and that the soldiers of Sol would lead the charge and create an opening for them and handle the other demons. This worked out really well, and its about the time we receieved $300 of dontation from deadpool302 and he gave that credit to Nikki. Nikki with a stroke of genius cast banishment on both demons and paid the $5 twice to make them criticaly fail their saving throws. On reflection they had advantage to those saves so we will rule in future that it only makes you fail one of those roles, but no matter that was my epic boss fight, wrecked dirty pay to win tactics. Oh well, it really helps support the stream so that is great stuff, and now we can buy campaign cartographer 3 and start making the maps for Baeland!

After the demons were defeated, the portal was sealed, Tao presented the crown back to Helga to do with as she wished after seeing her tremendous display of power. Helga with advice from Tames named her twin sister Ursula as the new Queen of Bjornstad. The group decided that before they call it good, they should explore the Dragon lair above Bjornstad and take from it what they could before everyone declared the job finished.

The group took the time to level up from their milestone and then took a ladder up from the tower of the castle and went up through the old open hatch into an ice tunnel. They followed the ice tunnel and came out to an opening that had no roof but was a giant open area with white dragons nested all along the sides and the dragon that they had killed was waiting for them in the center next to her mate. The ice formed a wall behind them cutting off escape, there were about 50 dragons in this nest most of course young ones, but the party was glad they wore their brown pants for this encounter.

Now as I was dreaming of eating the hero’s for dinner and basking in their mass deaths I was disappointed that they began talking with the dragons, and acted diplomatically. The end result being that a peace was arranged provided that one of the dragons sons was to marry Ursula and that dragon hunting would be outlawed and punished in the kingdom from here on out. Dermanis was told that he was to be exiled on pain of death or convert back to the great dragon and build a monastery above their lair. Dermanis and Ursula agreed and peace was made.

The High Dwarven king of Mithril Forge proclaimed Ursula queen of Bjornstad and she swore fealty to the High King. The group was able to rest and rejoice in their victory. Dermanis started work on his dragon monastery. Tula, Olios and Jack retired as Ursulas new royal guard and enforcers. Helga is the head cleric and great champion of the Grand temple of Dwardin Allfather and Ruham Kalamane. Alex returned to the lunar guild and began opening that for teaching new generation of Illusion wizards. Aeryn returned home to Mt Volcano and was knighted as Sir Aeryn and was given a Roc egg to raise as his future mount as a knight and a small plot of land on a tiny Island that was a orange farm. Grayson became 6th man on the Aventine.

That is all for this years D&D campaign in Bjornstad. I will be writing up a module for this and updating more on the website. Next years campaigns are now in development as well and I will be opening up the floor to viewers to play with us and launching our paetron to help support and grow the community the stream and hopefully I can do this full time.

Merry Christmas,


The Slaughterhouse DM

Campaign Session Summary 40, the Lunar guild and the queen defeated.

Hello Baelandians,

I did not get this done as soon as I wanted to, my cat had a seizure in the early morning hours after the game and I spent the all of today spending her last hours with me making sure she was as comfortable as possible. So I am rather distraught and depressed as I write this but here it is.

Game Date: Dec 24, 2224 of the Common Year.

Real Date: Dec 19, 2016 A.D. AKA the worst year ever so far.

Tonight we had Nikki and Spencer playing their characters to finish off the lunar guild and tackle the siege of the castle of Bjornstad.

Nikki was playing as

  • Helga Surface Dwarf Level 14 Paladin/Cleric Gestalt
  • Ursula Surface Dwarf Level 14 Cleric
  • Hannah Wood Elf Level 14 Ranger
  • Samantha Dark Dwarf Level 8 Cleric

Spencer/Heatstroke89 was playing as

  • Alex Human Level 8 Sorcerer
  • Aeryn Hawk Level 8 Paladin
  • Grayson Halfling Level 7 Rogue

So here goes with the summary, Helga and her party made their way through the Lunar guild facing off traps, tricks and illusion monsters. After fighting waves of illusion golems she found the Archmages room. Her mana crystal that had a trapped soul of a gnome mage in it happened to fit perfectly with a staff that appeared to be missing a focus crystal in the Archmages room. Placing the crystal into the staff reunited it and made it whole again and the ghost of the Archmage was free to give a warning against trusting Rubble that he must really be the Punazhul the Greater Devil of Trading Souls, the Archmage implored Helga to defeat Punazhul and send him back to the hell he came from, and then give his staff to a worthy successor to reopen to the Lunar guild for future generations. With that the spirits in the Lunar guild were freed from their curse and able to depart to the afterlife. Understand that I have left a lot of detail out here.

Helga and party left the Lunar guild confronted Punazhul and struck him down in his frail human avatars form quickly. Helga then was able to land the Lunar Guild on top of the man made lake beneath it in the old nobles district. The group took the staff and some much needed recovery time to train and heal.

After nearly a month later the Helga and party joined up with Alex and his comrades and made a battle plan with Legate Grakis to lay siege to the castle within the top of the mountain and to finish off the Gwarf Queen once and for all. Legate Grakis proposed that the legion would assault from both sides scale the first landing with ladders and use Helga and Alex’s teams as a strike force to take on high priority targets. The plan worked good, and it worked way to good in my opinion. They hammered through my helmed horror’s as if they were mere goblins, and then my poor queen. The Gwarf Queen, level 20 wizard, wielding the wand of Orcus, a vampire herself wearing a ring of evasion and a mantle of spell resistance. She got the crap kicked out of her by Helga and Aeryn. That sucked so much I was disappointed. With little effort they defeated the queen, took the crown and with the heart of the mountain restored the crown to its proper function, now all that remains is to use the crown to close the demon gate in the iron mines and possibly deal with the dragon lair on top of the mountain, which oh by the way I had the dragon’s spouse trick Helga into raising her, so that should be fun.

That’s about all I got for now guys. I hope you have a merry christmas or happy holidays whatever your thing is.



The SlaughterhouseDM