Domains, Deities, Demigods, Titans and more

This supplement is a collection of rules I use in my home campaign that has been finally compiled and presented in a user friendly way, specifically for printing off pages for game play. These things have been compiled from older rules to fit our campaign in 5th ed, and from all sorts of other inspiration that has contributed to this compilation of what I’ve come up with to entertain my players, I hope you find use of it for you and your game group. You may or may not like these and feel free to disregard anything that does not fit your campaign, do keep in mind this is what we have created from game play and it has been play tested for fun and function of the game world, if not always for balance.

Inside you will find the following: Updated domains for clerics and deities to utilize in 5th ed including the civilization, crafting, chaos, commerce, darkness, dream, law, love, madness, time, and undeath domains. A new warlock patron, The Titan. I discuss and classify some of the different terms for “beings of great power” such as the difference between a greater deity and a exarch or a demon lord. A Divine Ranks section so you can stat and “level up” the powers of the gods in your world, this includes 80 divine feats for your deities to choose from inspired from older editons but updated and converted for play in 5th ed. Templates for demigods, titans, half titans,  exarchs, chosens, paragons, and lich’s. 

I hope you find this information useful for you and your friends to help build many more adventures and open up options for adventurers and threats of deific porportions.