What I’m going to do in my offtime

Hey Baelandians,

This is going to be written just my thoughts kinda shooting from the hip so it may seem a little disorganized.

It seems it will be around 1k of parts that I need to fix my computer to get back into streaming, as such that will be taking a back seat and I’m off with my resume applying to jobs.

At this point there is a few things I am considering but the foremost one is rejoining the workforce and putting the time commitment into streaming down to what you would expect from a hobby player when I am gaming. D&D and like games I am just straight up taking a break from, honestly I don’t like DMing, but I have done it because that is how I feel the game should be played. I could easily find myself spending 40 hours in a week preparing for D&D games, and honestly the pay off just isn’t there for me, financially or emotionally and not even fun anymore. I am working on learning coding and messing around scrutinizing games and I think that is where my future effort will go into sharing Baeland in video game formats and of course novels. I may in time go back to making modules for D&D and such as well, but right now I need to go back to making a steady paycheque to help pay for all these things I like to do.

When I get back to streaming however you can expect to see me online at twitch, uploading it to youtube, and being better at setting up links to past shows.

I am probably going to reorganize the site in the near future making some separate categories compiling things like D&D 5E stuff into subheadings and the like.

I’ve got a lot of projects that I want to get my hands on, but I also have a lot going on with taking care of the family and such. Some of the things I want to get into is, a webcomic, some video games on the website, write my darn books and get those submitted to publishers, learn some coding, and overall world building. Dunno how any of this will all turn out, but there it is.

If you have any advice for me or want to help me with any of these things, drop a comment and let me know.

Oh yeah, do forgive the annoying popups, but ideally it will help pay for the site, and maybe in time, who knows right.


George, The SlaughterhouseDM


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